No one wants their older loved ones to be lonely. However, in the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be hard for seniors to maintain their social connections when Americans are being asked to practice social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus. Being able to have meaningful interactions with other people is important to your older family member’s physical and emotional health. In fact, social isolation has been linked to health problems like hypertension, heart disease, anxiety, and depression. Senior care can help prevent your aging relative from suffering from social isolation during social distancing in many ways. Some of the things senior care can do are:

Help Older Adults to Connect Through Social Media

Senior Care Harris, TX: Social Distancing and Seniors

Today’s technology lets people be connected even when they cannot be together, but only if your older family member knows how to use it. A senior care provider can assist older adults to use Facebook and other kinds of social media to share pictures and comments with family members and friends. They can also help seniors to use video chat options, such as Skype, so that they can see their children, grandchildren, and others they are missing.

Enjoy Conversation with a Senior Care Provider

Just by visiting on a regular basis, a senior care provider offers older adults a chance to hold a conversation with someone. Senior care providers are friendly people who enjoy working with and talking to older adults. They can talk with your older family member about any topic they enjoy and listen to the stories of their life.

Write Letters to Family and Friends

Letters and cards sent through the mail can be an excellent way to stay connected with others during social distancing. Receiving a letter in the mail feels extra special in these days when most people communicate via email or texting. A senior care provider can assist the older adult to write letters. This can be very useful to those who have vision problems or who cannot write because of arthritis or other conditions that affect manual dexterity. In addition, the senior care provider can read mail the older adult receives from others.

Making Phone Calls

If cognitive issues or vision problems make it hard for your aging relative to make phone calls on their own, a senior care provider can help. A senior care provider can assist with dialing the phone and helping the older adult to understand who they are calling.


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