If you parent has had a long-term cancer battle or if it’s a new diagnosis, you might be looking at how you can help her stay at home during her cancer treatment regimen. Nowadays, it’s even more important than ever to keep your immunocompromised parent safely away from too many exposures to other people. While many treatments for cancer will require your parent to visit a clinic, you can set up some treatments to be done in her home.  

Nursing Care

Home Health Care Liberty, TX: Help with Cancer Patients

A home health care provider trained in nursing can help with numerous tasks in the home, providing your parent the care she needs while giving you a bit of relief from scheduling clinic visits and transportation. Some of the areas a trained nurse can provide are wound care, giving IV treatments, giving and supervising medicine as well as observing for any side effects that may occur in the process of treatmentYour home health care nursing provider will work with the doctor to make sure your parent is getting the best treatment she can at home.  

Physical Therapy 

Physical therapists help patients regain their strength in muscles that have been impaired or weakened. A home health care provider will work directly with your parent to regain the strength she needs to continue to live independently.  

Occupational Therapy 

A home health care provider with occupational therapy training can work with your parent to relearn how to do everyday chores, such as taking a bath or feeding herself. If your parent needs new special equipment to be able to function fully at home, the therapist will train her on how to use it. 

Personal Care 
Your parent may need more help than usual with personal care as she progresses through her cancer treatments. A home health care provider can also assist with daily personal care needs like brushing out her hair, providing good oral health (whether it’s brushing teeth or cleaning dentures), and getting dressed each day. Sometimes simply trying to button a shirt is too much for an elderly person going through cancer treatment so having someone around to assist with these small tasks can be a great help to their day.  

Home Care 

With the fatigue and side effects that come along with cancer treatment, especially chemotherapy, your parent may find that she just doesn’t have the strength to clean her home right now. A home care provider can be introduced to help with chores such as vacuuming, dusting, cleaning windows, and/or preparing meals. Your parent may find that knowing these everyday chores will get done, will reduce the stress she feels by not being able to complete them herself. A reduction in stress is important as your parent’s body battles the cancer.  

A cancer diagnosis is scary, and it can take over every aspect of your parent’s life (and yours as well). Setting up a good team of support will give her a better chance to fully recover and return to the independent life she was living before the diagnosis.  


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