It is important that elderly adults get the nutrition they need. Many elderly adults are lacking in the vitamins and nutrients they should be getting. If you or elderly care providers are helping to care for your loved one, be sure that you learn more about what should be included in their diet. One of the things that would benefit your elderly loved one in many ways is stone fruits. Some of these fruits include cherries, plums, apricots, nectarines, and peaches. 

Better Immune System

Elderly Care Chambers, TX: Stone Fruits and Seniors

The majority of people know that oranges are a great way to get Vitamin C and boost one’s immune system. However, research shows that eating more stone fruits will help to boost the intake of Vitamin C and the immune system, as well. If your elderly loved one is having problems with their immune system, eating more stone fruits could help them a great deal. 

Improved Muscle and Nerve Health  

There is a lot of potassium in stone fruits. Potassium helps to improve both muscle and nerve health. If you get your elderly loved one to eat more peaches, they could help them to have fewer muscle spasms and better nerve health.  

Increased Fiber Intake 

As your loved one gets older, it is important to make sure they are still getting enough fiber in their diet. Fiber is going to help your loved one maintain a better and healthier digestive system. Many of the stone fruits are filled with fiber. In addition, fiber will help to manage your loved one’s weight and cholesterol levels.  

Protecting Vision 

Are you worried about your loved one’s vision as they get older? If so, there are some things that you can do to help protect their vision. One of those things is to make sure they are getting more stone fruits in their diet. There are antioxidants in stone fruits that will boost one’s vision. You will particularly want to get your loved one more nectarines and peaches for this purpose.  

Increased Bone Health 

Another worry that many family members and elderly care providers have about elderly adults is their bone health. If you want your elderly loved one to have healthier teeth and bones, you should add more stone fruits into their diet. The Vitamin K in these fruits help with the prevention of osteoporosis and overall better bone health.  


These are some of the many ways that stone fruits can benefit your elderly loved one. If they aren’t doing so already, make sure your loved one is getting more stone fruits in their daily diet.  


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