Your senior’s car needs to be in good working order if she’s determined to drive it. If she’s opting to allow other people to drive for her instead, getting the car in good condition might be necessary if she’s planning to sell it. 

Fluids and Oil

Elderly Care Harris, TX: Seniors and Cars

The fluids in your senior’s car, especially the oil, all help to keep the car running. Check the owner’s manual to be sure what each fluid needs. If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, have a mechanic check those fluids for you. Many places that do oil changes also check the other fluids as part of that service. 

The Car’s Battery 

Your senior’s car relies on the battery to help it start up. Most batteries last for a long time, but corrosion on the battery or the battery cables and other factors, like extreme cold or heat, can shorten the life of the battery dramatically. It helps to have the battery tested periodically to ensure that it’s in good working order. 

Tire Wear 

If your senior’s car is fairly new, it likely has a tire monitoring program called TPMS that keeps track of each tire’s pressure. Some cars will even show you the actual pressure within each tire and alert you when the pressure falls below a certain amount. This is a helpful way to keep up with tire pressure without having to check each tire, but you do need to look at each tire, too. Check the tread on each tire and make sure that you’re clear on when the tread is too worn. 

Hoses and Belts 

Belts and hoses are typically made of sturdy rubber. But even sturdy rubber ages in the heat and the cold, as well as with wear and tear. When these items start to wear out, they get brittle and they can fall apart. Many of them you might be able to see and visually inspect when you peek under the hood. It’s also a good idea to have your mechanic take a look at them periodically. 

Lights and Signals 

Signals and lights are how your senior communicates with other drivers and they’re how other drivers know that she’s out there on the road. It’s easy to forget to check lights and signals to make sure that they’re working properly and that the bulbs are operational. LED bulbs tend to last for a long time, so if you do need to replace some of the bulbs, LED options are good choices. 

Your senior’s car may be as safe as you can possibly make it but the true question is whether she is safe to drive. If she’s having difficulties behind the wheel, it might be a good idea to have alternative transportation options, like elderly care providers, ready to go for her. 


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