Research shows that there are many physical and mental health benefits people will get from gardening. Some of the benefits of gardening include boosting one’s spirit, increasing strength, reducing anxiety and agitation, improving sleep quality, and much more. If you are taking care of an elderly loved one and they love gardening, there are some ways that you can help them keep gardening well into their elderly years. 

Getting Safer Tools

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There are many gardening tools that are quite dangerous. If you are taking care of an elderly adult, you want to make sure they are using safer gardening tools, not the ones with sharp points and edges. You should get the gardening tools that have round edges and bigger handles. If you get your elderly loved one these types of gardening tools, you will be able to keep them safer while they are gardening.  

Bottles of Water 

Many elderly adults love to get outside and garden. However, if your elderly loved one is experiencing memory loss, they might forget to drink water while they are outside. It is important that you or their caregivers give them bottles of water to drink while they are outdoors, especially on the hotter days. You don’t want them to become dehydrated. 

Safe Plants 

There are some plants that are toxic if they are ingested. While it is not common, some elderly adults (mostly those who have Alzheimer’s disease) may think the flowers or plants smell good and might try eating them. This is not something you want to have happen. However, if it does, you want to make sure the plants they get into aren’t toxic to consume. 

Safety from the Sun 

It is also important to make sure that you or your loved one’s caregivers are keeping them safe while they are out in the sun. You should get your loved one a hat that will cover their face from the sun. You should also make sure they are putting on sunscreen before they head outdoors. Another tip for keeping your elderly loved one safe from the sun is to make sure they aren’t gardening in the middle of the day, when the sun is at its highest point. 

Taking Breaks 

If your elderly loved one is going to keep gardening you should make sure they are taking enough breaks. You don’t want them to become overheated or too sore. 


These are some of the tips you can use to help your loved one to keep gardening well into their elderly years. Remember, there are many benefits to gardening, so this is an activity that can keep your elderly loved one in great health.  


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