If your parent is either becoming legally blind or has low vision, you might wonder how to help him to continue living independently. While it won’t be easy, there are certain areas of his home and life that you can provide assistance in or make changes to in order to keep him safe and thriving while living independently. While every living space is different and each person has different needs that need to be met, there are some fairly low cost and work investments you can make.  


  • Hire an Elder Care Provider. Hiring someone to come in and take care of tasks that your parent can longer do because of the loss of eyesight

    Elder Care Brazoria, TX: Low Vision and Seniors

    will be a huge benefit to both you and your parent. Elder care providers can help with any small detail work or chores around the home as well as providing transportation to and from appointments 

  • Improve Technology Settings. If your parent is having a hard time reading the screen of his laptop or watching the television, you can make modifications to help him see those screens better. His computer can be switched to speech synthesis to read online content out loud to himWith his phone (both landline and mobile), make sure the keypads provide large format numbers for him to use. Purchasing a larger, highdefinition television may improve his ability to watch his favorite shows. 
  • Create better flooring. One of the fears of having low sight is the fear of tripping. Eliminate all area rugs from your parent’s home or make sure they are securely tacked down to prevent tripping over upturned corners. For room-to-room movement, having textile floor differences before doors and stairs will provide a warning to your parent that he is close to an area where the level is going to change.  
  • Adjust the lighting. Your parent will need areas to provide the best light possible for him to perform at his best. If there are reading or socializing areas, make sure there is plenty of light at all times. Increasing natural light by opening up drapes, and maximizing indoor lighting by increasing bulb wattage will lighten up many spaces without any serious modifications. Showing your parent how to use the flashlight feature on his phone (or carrying around a mini flashlight) will help him read items like menus and the mail when he needs to quickly check something.  
  • Eliminate safety hazards. With routine care and cleaning, make sure no items are left in the middle of the floor or chairs are left out. Your elder care provider can do a home check with each visit to make sure there aren’t any tripping hazards in your parent’s home waiting to cause an unfortunate accident. Remind your parent of the importance of putting all things away where they belong and always closing drawers and cupboards.  

There are many areas of the home that can be reviewed and improved upon to help your parent stay safe and live independently despite having low vision. Ask him what he struggles with and then brainstorm some good fixes and he’ll be much safer while you rest easier.  


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