Having the right support system gives you a leg up in taking care of your senior while also taking care of yourself. You’re going to need to start out by examining what’s happening now and what you want to happen. 

Assess Everyone’s Needs

Elder Care Harris, TX: Support Network for Your Senior

The difficulty with being a caregiver is that sometimes you’re juggling a lot of different needs for yourself and others. The first thing you need to do, especially for yourself and your senior, is to look at what you truly need. What tasks need to be done on a regular basis? What situations are becoming more difficult to handle or to manage? This list is going to help you to figure out some big details. 

Take a Closer Look at What Is Working 

Looking at your needs is going to give you an idea maybe about what isn’t working. You also need to know what is working for you and for your senior. This is the part of your current plan that you may not want to disrupt much, because it’s actually doing what you need it to do. Looking closer at what is working can also help you to spot solutions for some of the areas that aren’t working as well. 

Get an Idea Where the Gaps Are 

By this point you should be able to point to where the true problem areas are for you and your senior. These are the gaps in your support network and your care plan. Some of these gaps may be ones you suspected were a problem, but others may be a surprise. It’s important that you’re taking an objective look, though, because you don’t want to gloss over something that you could put a plan in place for now. 

Reach out and Fill Those Gaps 

Having as thorough an understanding as possible of what you and your senior need as well as what isn’t working allows you to meet your ultimate goal and get those needs met. You might need some time away or your senior may need hands-on help with specific tasks. If your senior no longer drives, she may need consistent help with transportation. All of these are areas where elder care providers can give you a hand.  

This may be a process that you and your senior go through more than once. Your needs and hers can change, especially when there are changes to her health. That means that you may need additional solutions or how you use the solutions you have changes. 


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