By the time you reach 65, your odds of developing arthritis are almost 50 percent. According to the CDC, 46.9 percent of men and women in the 65+ age range have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. For some, the pain is irritating but manageable. For others, arthritis pain makes daily living challenging and impacts safety. It doesn’t have to.

Caregivers Can Help With Mobility

Caregiver in Colorado, TX: Arthritis Pain

Knee, hip, or ankle pain impact stability. If your dad finds himself unsteady while standing on one foot getting out of the bathtub/shower combination, he could fall. Grab bars will help, but it can’t guarantee a fall won’t happen.

If your dad has a caregiver with him when he steps out of the shower, he’ll have someone to help support him. That can be an ideal way to prevent a fall. Caregivers can also help your dad go up and down the stairs, take a walk outside, or get in and out of bed when arthritis pain is present.

Caregivers Offer Medication Reminders 

Your dad’s doctor may prescribe medications to help ease his arthritis pain. He may be advised to take over-the-counter pain relievers. If that’s the case, a caregiver can offer reminders so that he doesn’t miss a dose or inadvertently take too much.

Caregivers Can Cook Meals 

Holding a knife while chopping vegetables isn’t easy if your fingers cramp up due to arthritis. Arrange home care services for your dad and he has someone to cook his meals. He doesn’t have to struggle with lifting a heavy pot, pulling a hot dish from the oven, or carrying items to the dining room table.

Caregivers Help With Exercises 

If your dad’s doctor recommended he work with a physical therapist, he’ll have exercises to do at home. These exercises need to be done each day. If he needs reminders, his caregiver can remind him when it’s time to do them or cheer him on while he does them. The caregiver can make sure he’s doing the exercises correctly.

Caregivers Provide Safe Transportation 

Arthritis pain in the neck or back can make it hard to fully check a blind spot. If that’s happening with your dad, he should not be driving, He doesn’t have to give up his trips to the store or miss a trip to the doctor’s office. Caregivers can safely drive him to and from medical offices, stores, and other locations.

If your dad is having difficulty with activities of daily living due to his arthritis pain, it’s a good time to discuss the benefits of caregivers. Your dad can have help with meal preparation, cleaning, and mobility. Caregivers help him live at home safely and worry-free without him having to struggle. Call a home care agency to make arrangements. 


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