During National Diabetes Month it’s important to look at all of the various ways that diabetes can affect your senior’s body and well-being. One of the areas of her health that you might not realize can be seriously impacted by diabetes is your senior’s vision. Out of control blood sugar does a lot of damage, but it might be preventable. 

Get Information from Her Doctor about Her Risk Factors

Home Care Walker, TX: Protecting Your Seniors Eyes

The first stop in educating yourself and your senior as much as possible about diabetes and how it affects vision is your senior’s doctor. Talk to her doctor about what your senior’s individual risk factors are and what she can do about the situation. There may be specific lifestyle changes that her doctor recommends or medications that might help her. 

Do Regular Home Glucose Testing 

The culprit when it comes to vision loss is sugar levels that are too high for too long. That means that your senior needs to monitor her glucose levels closely with a home test. Knowing what is helping her blood sugar levels and what causes them to be too high helps her to know what parts of her plan are working. Lots of people don’t enjoy testing or find it difficult to do, though. This might be where bringing in home care providers gives your senior a solid solution. 

Schedule Routine Eye Exams 

Your senior needs to know where her eye health is and she needs to keep up with that information. The best way to do that is to have regular eye exams. Your senior’s eye doctor can watch for the subtle changes that could indicate trouble for her in the future. It’s also a great way to make sure that your senior isn’t developing any other eye issues. 

Eating Healthy Foods and Exercising Can Help 

Another tool that helps your senior to keep her blood sugar levels under the best control possible is to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. Talk to your senior’s doctor about what types of exercise are right for her and how much is appropriate, too. Eating plenty of lean proteins, low glycemic vegetables, and whole grains can help her to feel better and keep her blood sugar managed. 

Keeping tabs on your elderly family member’s blood sugar helps her overall health, not just her vision. But it’s also the best way to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to protect her ability to keep seeing as well as possible. 


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