Your senior’s mental health is a huge part of her overall health, but how is she really doing? Whether you see her every day or you live far away from her, you might not feel as if you have the full picture. Here are some ideas for you. 

Talk to Your Senior about What You’re Seeing

Caregiver Walker, TX: Your Senior’s Mental Health

If you’re wondering about whether your senior’s mental health is okay, that means that you’ve seen or heard something that caused you to think more closely about it. You might not realize fully what it is that you’re concerned about, but you can dig deeper. Talk to your elderly family member about your concerns. Even just asking if she’s okay can give you information you need, whether you get a full answer or not. This is especially important to do if you live far away from your senior. 

Have Her Habits Changed? 

One of the general clues that can help you to spot what might be going on with your senior can be her habits. If those have changed, even in small ways, she might be having some trouble. Some of the signs you might want to be on the lookout for could be that she’s no longer as socially engaged as she once was or she seems to be having trouble keeping up with activities of daily living, like meal preparation. 

See What Her Doctor Has to Say 

To get even more information, talk to your elderly family member’s doctor. Your senior’s doctor can help you to understand what you should specifically look for related to your senior’s overall health and well-being. There may also be some other variables related to your senior’s health that can help you to understand where she is right now. 

Help Her to Find Solutions  

The good thing about uncovering possible issues is that now you do something about them. When they’re hidden or not talked about, they don’t get the attention they need. Some mental health concerns have their basis in health issues, so your senior’s doctor may be able to help. For other issues, your elderly family member might benefit from therapy. If the concerns are primarily social or issues around what your senior finds difficult to do on her own, then having help from a caregiver might be the perfect answer. 

Keeping your senior healthy and happy includes checking on her mental health as well. 

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