Aging doesn’t mean that mobility will go, but it can happen. Your dad may have had a stroke and cannot walk without a device. Maybe he fell and has joint pain that impacts his mobility. When it’s time to shop for mobility devices, make sure you use these tips to help find the right device. 
Understand What Your Dad Needs

Senior Care Chambers, TX: Mobility Devices

There are different types of mobility devices. You have canes, crutches, walkers/wheeled walkers, and wheelchairs. Wheelchairs may be manual, power-assist, or power. There are also motorized scooters. 
You should find out what type of mobility device is best. While a motorized scooter is good for getting around in stores and outside, it may not be best in his home. If he just needs minimal support, a cane may work well. If he needs a little more than that, he might want a walker or wheelchair. 
Walkers have wheels or rubberized ends. Wheeled walkers will move easily, but your dad needs to be able to use the break. If he doesn’t, it could get away from him and cause him to fall. If he goes out, he needs a walker that folds up and fits in his trunk. 
Canes also come in a couple of options. A single-point cane has one contact point. There’s a rubberized end that touches the ground. A quad cane has an X-shaped end with four rubberized points. They all need to be level on the ground for safety. If your dad is using a cane to walk outside, a quad cane is not always the safest choice. 
How is the Home Set Up? 
If a wheelchair is best, can your dad’s home fit a wheelchair? If he has a home with narrow hallways and doors, he might not be able to fit the wheelchair through a door. If he has multiple levels, he may not be able to get inside and upstairs. 
You might have to aim for equipment that fits within his home. He may need to have a stairlift and wheelchairs on each floor. If he’s going up and down the stairs, a walker without wheels can be safer than one with wheels. 
Don’t let your dad’s pride keep him from relying on a cane, walker, or wheelchair. If he needs support, make sure he has it. You should also talk about senior care services as a way to keep him mobile. Senior care aides can help him get in and out of the car when he goes to an appointment or does the shopping. Learn more by making a call. 


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